Treatment Groups

WRA is committed to excellence in all aspects of service delivery. The staff at WRA places a strong emphasis on safety, tolerance and community in order to create a healing environment. Major research has confirmed that women are more likely to successfully complete treatment if they participate in gender-specific programming which addresses their particular needs.  Our treatment groups cover a wide range of topics and therapies.

Core Treatment Groups

Core treatment groups constitute the foundation of WRA’s gender-specific, strength-based treatment approach.

Recovery Education: A combined educational and interactive group that provides concrete information about addiction and helps women understand the biological, psychological, physiological, and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery.

AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) Recovery Process: Intimate discussion groups that facilitate meaningful discussion of current recovery related issues that help women develop social and problem solving skills, put recovery tools into practice, empower women to live as experts in their own lives, and recognize the wisdom and support they can provide each other.

Relapse Prevention: Educational group that focuses on learning about the relapse process, increase skills to recognize and manage triggers and high-risk situations, and develop individualized treatment plans.

Recovering Womanhood: Drama therapy group designed to help women find community and understand addiction and recovery issues specific to women.

Honesty, Openness and Willingness (HOW): Education and discussion on understanding and integrating the Steps into daily living.

Wellness: Recovery-oriented educational and discussion group that focuses on physical health, nutrition, exercise and sexual health. Wellness program also includes mind and body practices such as yoga and Nia.

Specialized Treatment Groups

New specialized groups are added and rotated regularly based on the needs of clients and staff expertise.

Food & Feelings: Educational and skill-based group to help women with a range of eating disorders understand those issues in the framework of addiction and recovery.

Creating Safety: Group for women who have experienced trauma that develops skills to increase coping, decrease anxiety, and understand the relationship between addiction and trauma (based on the work of Dr. Lisa Najavits’s “Seeking Safety”).

Mommy & Me: Mothers and their children in the perinatal program are encouraged to interact and explore their relationship and increase bonding and trust.

Parenting: An educational group that teaches parenting skills as well as learning to manage and cope with the potentially overwhelming experience of parenting in recovery. The curriculum is based on the “Nurturing Parent Program for Parents in Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery” developed by Stephen Bavolek, PhD and Norma Finkelstein, PhD.

Aftercare and Continuing Care Groups

Aftercare Process Group: Continued support for women who have completed a primary treatment modality (residential or outpatient).

Relapse Prevention II: Advanced learning and skill development in relapse prevention.

Alumni Events & Activities are also an excellent way to maintain a connection to WRA and a sober support network, check out our Alumni page for more information.